Thomas More


Our objectives are to sponsor and to encourage all members of the legal profession to participate in an annual Red Mass as a reminder to all that the law is based on the eternal law of God and divine justice. We also strive to educate our members and the general public on the principles, ideals and standards of personal conduct exemplified in the life of Sir Thomas More.

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Statue of Thomas More by Leslie Cubitt Bevis in front of Chelsea Old Church, Cheyne Walk, London.

St Thomas More

Who was Thomas More?

A man "whose soul was more pure than any snow" (Erasmus), More was also a great, brilliant lawyer and statesman who served as Lord Chancellor of England under Henry VIII, before he was executed for refusing to compromise his conscience.

A man for all seasons

More was a master statesman, an intellectual and scholar whose wit and irony was used to remarkable rhetorical effect. His piety, virtue and naturalness overflowed into his public life leading his friend Erasmus to describe him most appropriately as "a man for all seasons".