About Us

The Guild was founded in 1984 by a dynamic group of women and men, lawyers and judges, from this city. The objectives of the Guild are singularly simple: to sponsor and to encourage all members of the legal profession to participate in an annual Red Mass as a reminder to all that the law is based on the eternal law of God and divine justice. It also has the objective to educate its members and the general public as to the principles, ideals and standards of personal conduct exemplified in the life of Sir Thomas More.

St Thomas More Aside from the Annual Red Mass, which usually takes place in September, we also host a banquet early in the year (January or February) with a guest speaker. The Annual General Meeting of the Members of the Guild takes place in March or April each year.

Other activities also take place during the year. Please check regularly our “Upcoming Activities” for any update.

2016-2017 Officers and Board of Directors

  • Jean Rhéaume, President
  • Antonio Giamberardino, Vice-President
  • Michael Switzer, Treasurer
  • Joel Reinhardt, Secretary
  • Daniel Roussy, Past President
  • Karen Reid
  • Daniel McGuire
  • Amélie B. Lavigne